Posted by: Nabs-Sugar'n'Crumbs | August 30, 2010

Ramadaan Mubarik!

Its the special month of the Islamic year.. when muslims all round the globe are fasting and feasting with special preparations to indulge more in worshipping their creator 😀 and thats one of the main reasons why I have taken a month off from creating the pretty cute edible art pieces. Its only been a month since Ive started out and when ever Im in doubt of my capabilities.. Allah gives me a sign and pulls me through.. and I know deep in my heart, Its so meant to be! Like, I had this baby shower cupcake order and I was hesistant since I didnt have the right tools, with imagination I realized I didnt need much, just one pastry cutter (which my bro fetched out for me!!!!) and viola! I was on cloud 9! The order was for a client who later, became a great friend of mine and appreciated all the hardwork I put in! 🙂 many blessing for the lil onesie!

And the best thing about sugar n crumbs is new blossoming friendships ❤

Hope you all enjoyed reading as much I did blogging..
Happy Eating!
Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs
– Its edible Art! –

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  1. Nabia,

    It’s almost like Lent that our Catholics celebrate. I am a Christian but not a Catholic and I do follow Lent and don’t do something until Easter arrives. Each of our Religious beliefs are somewhat similar and different. I think it’s kinda cool that your religious observations is now….


  2. Awww this is such a cute start! 😀
    *hi 5*

  3. wow nabia, I can see how much hard work u’ve put in details .. beautiful work .. keep ’em coming 🙂

  4. Nabia, I just love your work!! You do so much better than I do….this week is going to be horrible…can’t do more than a small cake…I can’t even take a decent picture of what I can produce….oh well….I love ya Girlfriend!!!

  5. Aww Lauri, you enjoy and put in so much love into everything you make.. it makes them more special tht way! 🙂 no amount of my talent (whatsoever) can match up to the level of affection you add to yr masterpieces.

  6. Asma, aww thanks girl! yaar bas was busy with a lot goin on my end.. havent been taking orders, but now stacked up with them 😀 MashAllaH! so gearing up now!

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