About Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs

They often say ‘Life is a bitch!’

but I beg to differ.. I think everyday is a blessing, every moment  is marinaded in precious things we often choose to ignore. When I say this, I thank Allah for making it all happen, Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs was just a vague idea floating at the back of my mind.. HE made it all happen.. bit by bit he put together the pieces and created art through me! [Suban Allah] He’s the inspiration.. Im soooo crazy thankful to him and my family who’ve often picked me up when i felt like a rag doll and helped me cross the line.

Sugar Artistry in Islamabad with the finest attention to detail, is a first attempt by Nabia Mehmud. We at Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs offer designer cakes; our ‘Meant to be Wedding’ cakes, cookies and adorable customized cupcakes.

We are a small home based business in Islamabad, who take orders online and customers pick the orders themselves.

If you have queries pertaining to ordering, shoot me an email at: sugarncrumbs@gmail.com

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