THANKU!!!!..the cake rocked with itz display and taste!!!! it was truly a hit…every1 loved it!!… It was just fabuloussssss!!!!….. It shows that you do this because you love it…:)

– Zoha Iqtidar Chaudhary


Thank you Nabia!! 😀
I know that just by writing I can’t really explain the happiness your cake filled in the party but the cake was amazing and it just made me more inquisitive and now I wanna try more 😀
You know how special it was and you didnt let me down 🙂

– Shahan Haider


Mehreen ordered a Wedding cake: My first attempt!

Every girl dreams of getting married one day and plans for every minute detail of that big day. I had always wanted a three tiered cake on my wedding but during those hectic pre-wedding preparation days, I realised I couldn’t find anyone who could fulfill my dream. I was all panicky and stressed out, that is when Nabia Mehmud came to my rescue with her Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs creation. she promised me she would make me a wedding cake exactly how I want it to be, right from the colours matching my bridal dress to the piping work on the cake. She kept her promise and the cake was so delectable that it was gone in no time, right upto the last crumb! I would highly recommend Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs to anyone who wants to make their special moments truly unforgettable!
– Mehreen Riaz Faisal.


I Ordered a two Cake for my 13th Bday with the blue Butterflies;
Thank you so freaking much!!
It was amazing I laaaved it!

Eeman Mahmud


Uzair Alvi ordered a birthday cake for his mom 🙂

Where are you located?


* How did you hear about Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs?

* Quality of Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs products
Fresh and well baked. Even after a week it tasted as fresh as of the first day of baking.

* Taste of  Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs products
Very home made.

* Price of  Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs products
Slightly on the higher side but i dont have much idea about customized cakes, so may be thats ok.

* Design of  Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs products
One of its kind. Thats the major attraction. May be a little higher price doesnt pinch you when you look at the final design of the product.

* My Attitude in dealing with you:
Very friendly, professional and cooperative.

* Punctuality of S’n’C Order
You kept your words and it was delivered exactly at the same time. Your confirmation call also exceeded the expectation.

* Packaging of S’n’C Order
More than my expectation. I wasnt expecting Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs will have its own packing, so after getting the product in hand, i was much impressed.


” Great effort on short notice , great design and details, but unfortunately the cake collapsed at one side due to its weight plus a few communication problems or misunderstandings! :o) But still appreciate the effort and the great taste!

– Sabrina Ahmad.

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