Posted by: Nabs-Sugar'n'Crumbs | January 26, 2011

You’re a Super Star, that is what you are!!


This space of My website/blog is solely and passionately dedicated to my supporters;  You guys may be A lot or a few in number..  lemme tell you one thing: YOU all rock my world everyday! especially when Ive got the blues, your email are an instant energy pill that propels me to do better and outdo myself everytime. =D

And all of you, who have been insistent abt me giving cake decoration classes, bear with me while I figure all this sugary business for myself then will def arrange an EPIC workshop where you all will def  L.E.A.R.N!! =D

This blog is a BIG shout out to all you guys who keep sending me the love & affection 🙂

Manahil ♥

Im not hiring right now but dude, Ure also an MBA! =D

Fakeha ♥

Huda Shahab ♥

Uzma ♥


Sahifa ♥

Jay ♥

Marzi ♥

Nida ♥

Jiah ♥


and if I’ve missed someone, remind me.. Ill add your nameee!! =D *wheeeee!*

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