Meant To Be!

Designer Wedding Cakes in Islamabad

It's Meant to be~

Wedding Season or in Desi Language; The Shadi Season is a season in itself in pakistan, the shadis are three days of celebrations! The first day is the Mehndi; when the bride hands are adorned with henna patterns, the girls are brightly clad in glitzy clothes; either busy singing or dancing. The aunts of the bride each come and perform traditional rituals (rasams) like oiling the brides hair, putting a dallop of henna on the paan placed on her palm, and giving the bride a piece of mithai (traditional mithai) in her mouth and lastly blessing the bride with best wishes and prayers.

The second day is the Barat; the giving away of the bride 🙂 when the bride and groom are tied in the bond of marriage lawfully. Its a very emotional day for the couple and esp the brides family.

the Third day is the Reception; hosted by the groom’s family. It is a celebratory dinner with family and In-laws and an Islamic obligation. 🙂 Usually the celebrations include the cutting of  a wedding cake and shared with the family..

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