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Heart Shaped box..

She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak
I’ve been locked inside your Heart-Shaped box for weeks.
~ Evanescence.

Heyy Sugar-fans!

Mariam emailed me for a beeday cake for her hubbykins.. She wanted something cute & lovey dovey..when I heard these two words; This idea I had been aaching to try since soo long became the perfect oppourtunity for me to try it 🙂

Her blind trust in me gave me a freedom I think every artist needs =D well, Im no artist, but id fancy myself into thinking I am hehes

So, the night before the order.. I made the truffles.. But, then I got so hyper.. that I burnt the chocolate dip 😛 yes!! haha thankfully I had gotten a huge supply from Al-latif Chem F-11 =D then began a night of choco dipping.. and did I mention the aroma of chocolate in the kitchen?! kept my kitten meowing al the time 😛 hes a Sugarholic haha

anyway.. the cake was assembled in the morn and I piped the ugliest scripting, notice the H was smaller in the pics!? yeahh.. I had written Happy with a smaller ‘h’ when my sis pointed it out, made it a Bigger H!! 😀


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So, Choco truffles/Cake balls made from Dairy Milk sit on top of a Strawberry Cake. THE WHOLE FRIKKIN’ CAKE IS EDIBLE (except for the white wrappers =P)  ♥ If it werent then I’d be outtov business =D haha. Lots of thanks to the inspiration & Maryam who ordered this for her hubbykins’ bday! ♥

Three cheers for Bee’s Cake Balls!! ❤
Photography by my talented sis:  Rammal Mehmud (


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You’re a Super Star, that is what you are!!


This space of My website/blog is solely and passionately dedicated to my supporters;  You guys may be A lot or a few in number..  lemme tell you one thing: YOU all rock my world everyday! especially when Ive got the blues, your email are an instant energy pill that propels me to do better and outdo myself everytime. =D

And all of you, who have been insistent abt me giving cake decoration classes, bear with me while I figure all this sugary business for myself then will def arrange an EPIC workshop where you all will def  L.E.A.R.N!! =D

This blog is a BIG shout out to all you guys who keep sending me the love & affection 🙂

Manahil ♥

Im not hiring right now but dude, Ure also an MBA! =D

Fakeha ♥

Huda Shahab ♥

Uzma ♥


Sahifa ♥

Jay ♥

Marzi ♥

Nida ♥

Jiah ♥


and if I’ve missed someone, remind me.. Ill add your nameee!! =D *wheeeee!*

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Ramadaan Mubarik!

Its the special month of the Islamic year.. when muslims all round the globe are fasting and feasting with special preparations to indulge more in worshipping their creator 😀 and thats one of the main reasons why I have taken a month off from creating the pretty cute edible art pieces. Its only been a month since Ive started out and when ever Im in doubt of my capabilities.. Allah gives me a sign and pulls me through.. and I know deep in my heart, Its so meant to be! Like, I had this baby shower cupcake order and I was hesistant since I didnt have the right tools, with imagination I realized I didnt need much, just one pastry cutter (which my bro fetched out for me!!!!) and viola! I was on cloud 9! The order was for a client who later, became a great friend of mine and appreciated all the hardwork I put in! 🙂 many blessing for the lil onesie!

And the best thing about sugar n crumbs is new blossoming friendships ❤

Hope you all enjoyed reading as much I did blogging..
Happy Eating!
Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs
– Its edible Art! –

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Hello world!

fondant bday cake in islamabad

Sugar n Crumbs is a home based business solely owned and operated by Nabia Mehmud, Islamabad’s first sugar artist to create edible masterpieces based on imagination and themes. On completing my MBA,I quit my job to start Sugar ‘n’ Crumbs, and well what can I say? I love my job! now ♥