Posted by: Nabs-Sugar'n'Crumbs | January 26, 2011

Heart Shaped box..

She eyes me like a pisces when I am weak
I’ve been locked inside your Heart-Shaped box for weeks.
~ Evanescence.

Heyy Sugar-fans!

Mariam emailed me for a beeday cake for her hubbykins.. She wanted something cute & lovey dovey..when I heard these two words; This idea I had been aaching to try since soo long became the perfect oppourtunity for me to try it 🙂

Her blind trust in me gave me a freedom I think every artist needs =D well, Im no artist, but id fancy myself into thinking I am hehes

So, the night before the order.. I made the truffles.. But, then I got so hyper.. that I burnt the chocolate dip 😛 yes!! haha thankfully I had gotten a huge supply from Al-latif Chem F-11 =D then began a night of choco dipping.. and did I mention the aroma of chocolate in the kitchen?! kept my kitten meowing al the time 😛 hes a Sugarholic haha

anyway.. the cake was assembled in the morn and I piped the ugliest scripting, notice the H was smaller in the pics!? yeahh.. I had written Happy with a smaller ‘h’ when my sis pointed it out, made it a Bigger H!! 😀


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So, Choco truffles/Cake balls made from Dairy Milk sit on top of a Strawberry Cake. THE WHOLE FRIKKIN’ CAKE IS EDIBLE (except for the white wrappers =P)  ♥ If it werent then I’d be outtov business =D haha. Lots of thanks to the inspiration & Maryam who ordered this for her hubbykins’ bday! ♥

Three cheers for Bee’s Cake Balls!! ❤
Photography by my talented sis:  Rammal Mehmud (



  1. Beautiful & yummy!

  2. Why hesitate calling yourself an artist? With your colour themes and unique ideas, you and R both rock.

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